Wooden Flooring FAQs

Is it necessary to treat wood flooring immediately after installation?
You can use our flooring as soon as it is installed. Pre-finished, either lacquered or oiled, boards require no treatment at the time of installation.

What kinds of materials can be used under the wood flooring?
As an underlay you can use cellular plastic, cork granulate felt, corrugated cardboard or other homogenous materials, e.g. felt manufactured from recycled cloth.

What kind of glue should be used for installingyour wood flooring?
For the floating installation a normal PVA-glue (carpentry glue ) is recommended. When glued permanently to the subfloor a bitumastic-based glue with high solid matter content ( min. 73 weight % ) is recommended. It is desirable to use a professional installer when glueing to the subfloor.

How do I install wood flooring?
Most of our wood flooring is delivered prefinished and ready to lay. The precision manufactured parquet boards enable a high quality floor to be laid quickly and easily. In every third package you will find a clear installation instruction leaflet. .

How do I maintain wood flooring after installation?
Maintenance of wood flooring is easy and carefree when you follow our simple maintenance instructions precisely. Remove particles and dust with a vacuum cleaner or a brush. When you want to clean the floor throughly, "dry" wipe it with a barely moist cloth.

Is it possible to install wood flooring together with underfloor heating?
Due to a special manufacturing technique parquet is suitable to be installed on a floor with underfloor heating.

Which of the wood species is the hardest?
Of the wood species Merbau and Jatoba are the hardest. Hardness of various timber species is defined by Brinell hardness value test. As a rule the higher the rating ofthe lamina, the more durable the floor

What is solid wood Flooring?
Solid wood flooring is exactly as it sounds, the individual boards of the floor are made from one continuous plank of wood as apposed to engineered woods which are solid wood veneer on top of a ply base.

Do Solid wood floors increase the value of your home?
Solid wood floors, just like ceramics are recognised as a high quality building material. They are long lasting and completely renewable with very little effort. Aside from these benefits solid wood floors are fashionable, minimalist and above all, desirable which means that they increase the value of your home.

Are solid wood floors expensive?
An increase in demand for hard wood floors has seen prices slowly fall as more and more companies are realising their benefits. When looking at the lifespan of solid wood floors they are excellent value for money as they never have to be replaced and are easily re-finished to suit d�cor changes. Solid wood floors truly are "beauty that lasts a lifetime".

What is the difference between solid wood and laminate?
Solid wood flooring is made from one solid plank and so is solid the whole way through; it has not been engineered or glued. Laminate flooring is a photograph of wood printed onto a high-density base and then finished with an acrylic lacquer. There is no solid wood in a laminate.

What is Engineered flooring?
Engineered flooring is a manufactured wooden plank, which consist of a sturdy ply base with a solid hardwood veneer on top. The ply base is cross-stacked to provide extra support for the veneered layer so that it resists cupping and warping. Engineered floors provide more flexibility than solid hardwood flooring as they can be used in areas with a higher moisture content such as basements.

Is Solid wood Flooring suitable for use with Radiant heat underfloor heating systems?
So long as the tubes do not touch the wood this should be okay. A laminated underlay vapour barrier should be used between the concrete and the floor.

Can Solid wood be installed over linoleum?
Yes - providing the linoleum remains tightly glued to the original sub floor.

Can Solid wood be installed on stairs?
Yes, although it can be slippery, so think about your own environment before deciding (ie. Young children, pets)

Is there a type of hardwood that is more durable than others?
There is very little difference in durability and the choice really comes down to aesthetics and your own personal choice.


How long will I have to wait for my order to arrive?
We aim to fulfill all orders within 3 working days from confirmation of receipt of order. We will telephone you following receipt of your order to confirm the day the delivery will arrive

What time will my order be with me?
The carriers will not be held to delivering the flooring at a particular time of day, so you will need to be prepared to be at home for the duration of the day. The delivery will arrive on the specified day but the times will vary depending upon the drivers schedule.

I'm not at home that day, can you leave it outside?
If no one is available to receive the delivery on the specified day the goods will be returned to the depot and an additional charge will be made for re-delivery. ALL deliveries must be signed for.

What must I do when the goods are delivered?
Deliveries will be made on varying sized vehicles and it is the drivers responsibility to remove the materials from the vehicle. It is however your responsibility to take delivery of the goods at the kerbside and transport them into your home. It is therefore essential that you have adequate help at time of delivery. Please advise our transport co-ordinator of any special requirements regarding delivery at the time the delivery day is notified to you.PLEASE NOTE: Your order MUST be inspected arrival and any damages must be noted and signed for as damaged (We cannot accept responsibility for goods not signed for as damaged on delivery).

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